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So Why Choose Us? Here’s why…



Independent pharmacies are part of large buying groups that enable them to provide low prescription prices. If you have insurance, you will pay the same copay at a chain or independent pharmacy. However, independent pharmacies can save you time. Since independent pharmacies do not have to pay millions of dollars in corporate CEO, VP, and Presidents salaries, the savings can be passed on to the customer. If you do not have insurance, the savings can be substantial. Call today for a free price comparison. We are confident that we can offer you the best prices in town.

Accurate and Knowledgeable


Independent pharmacies consistently rank at the top of the charts for customer satisfaction in every category. But perhaps the most important category of all is accuracy. One Consumer Report shows independent pharmacies were ranked #1 overall and were given the highest rating in regards to speed and accuracy . This data translates into patient safety. As a patient, you have the right to receive the correct medication, dose, and directions as prescribed by your doctor and independents are voted the best at ensuring that happens.

Not Inhibited by Corporate Oversight


Independent pharmacies focus on what really matters: You, your medication and your health. Pharmacists who work for chain pharmacies are burdened by too many other things such as meetings and reports.

Better Customer Service

Independent pharmacy patients often have an established relationship with the owner. In most independent pharmacies, such as ours, the owner is one of the pharmacists on staff. When is the last time you met the CEO, President, VP, or even district manager of a chain pharmacy? My guess is that has never happened. Our employees have wonderful relationships with our patients. If they have a problem, they know we will fix it. They skip all of the middle men and go right to the boss. That’s customer service that the chains cannot compete with.

Individualized Care and Attention


According to NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association), independent pharmacies employ an average of 2.8 full-time employed pharmacists (including the owner) and 3.3 full-time employed technicians (not to mention cashiers and other miscellaneous employees) to fill an average of 201 prescriptions per day. Chain pharmacists often work 10 or more hour shifts with no other pharmacist or overlap, fill 300+ prescriptions and only have 3-4 technicians on a regular, if not daily, basis. How could any patient form a relationship with a pharmacist under those kinds of conditions? Therefore, the service and attention offered at independent pharmacies is typically much better.

Shorter Wait Times



According to a 2014 Consumer Report, “[o]nly 7 percent of customers at independents reported that a prescription wasn’t ready when promised during the previous 12 months; just 4 percent complained of long waits. By contrast, 19 percent of shoppers at pharmacy chains found that a prescription wasn’t ready, and 21 percent experienced long waits at the service counter.” Tired of waiting hours or days for your prescription? Try Carolina Pharmacy where our goal is the best prices and fast prescriptions.

More Services Offered



Independent pharmacies often offer a wider array of services when compared to their corporate counterparts. We will walk to your car with an umbrella in the rain, make sure you can afford your medication, take time to listen to you about your health concerns and much more.